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Established in 1995, Securetec Detektions-Systeme AG develops leading edge technology to facilitate the detection of drugs and hazardous substances. We detect to protect – Securetec is proud to play a part in making today´s world a safer one.

Securetec technologies are successfully employed across a multitude of applications. In-house development and production facilities ensure that our products meet the highest clinical standards.

Matters of security demand sensitivity and confidentiality – by close cooperation with our customers we can identify their specific needs and develop solution for effective day-to-day use.

Securetec provides solutions for traffic safety, customs and drug enforcement authorities across the globe as well as clinics and private companies. Our products guarantee fast, reliable detection of a diverse range of drugs and hazardous substances. For corporations, educational institutions and prevention organizations, we offer consultancy service. With our extensive experience of the rapid identification of drugs and hazardous substances, we can develop and implement security concepts and training tailored to an organization specific requirement.

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