DrugWipe® Canada

Oral fluid collection system

An approved oral fluid collection system to determine the presence of cannabis at roadside. Using the lowest sampling volume in the industry, its results are displayed within minutes on the test strip or in combination with the WipeAlyser reader.


How does it work?

The test starts as soon as you break the integrated glass and release the liquid. The liquid helps the drug particles that are bound to the antibodies on the test strip migrate to the test line. A sequence of red lines appears on the readout window, depending on the results.

Certainty in detection

DrugWipe Canada provides accurate results with distinctive red test lines that appear even for slight traces of drugs. High specificity and reliability (over 95%) as confirmed by laboratory studies.

What drugs does it detect?

DrugWipe Canada detects only Cannabis both ▽9 THC & 11-Hydroxy-THC.

Quality control

DrugWipe Canada contains a quality control line (CL) that authenticates functionality. The control line must turn red after the test to ensure validity.


WipeAlyser is a portable analysis device for the detection of drugs in combination with DrugWipe Canada. Ideal for roadside screening and drug screening in the workplace.